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1. Dr. Fever

2. Cruella de Vil

3.This Little Light Of Mine

4.It's All Right

5.Yacht Club Swing

6.Hold You Dear

7.You Are My Sunshine


9.Rubber Duckie

10.Three Little Fishies

11. DJ Turn It Up

12.Crocodile Rock

13.An Evening In Roma

14.Somewhere Out There

15.Do You Love Me

16.Do Your Thing

17.Flowers In The Garden

18.Write My Story

19. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch


Intermission-Saturday 5/10 year crowning, Sunday Ivy scholarship ceremony followed by Until We Meet Again


20.The Test

21.Do It Like This

22.Achy Breaky Heart


24.Jump In The Line


26.You Can't Stop The Beat

27.River Deep

27. It's About That Walk



30. Bop

31.Grow As We Go

32.Wild Horses

33.Get Happy


35.Hair Up

36. Easy On Me

37.Strongest Suit

38. Baby I'm A Star

39. Britney Mix



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