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Ivy Maxwell Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor the beautiful, bright, little dancer, Ivy Maxwell, who passed away in a tragic accident on August 9, 2018. Ivy was three years old at the time of her untimely passing and had only started, that summer, pursuing her dreams to dance. Though her time in the dance studio
was only for a few short months, she was hooked, and dance became the center of her world. She showed an innate passion for dance which warmed the hearts of her family and dance teachers, to see a beautiful dancer in the making. The best part about Ivy’s love for dance is, that even at three years old,
she seemed acutely aware of the commitment to practicing and had pride in her progress. Ivy showed a drive for progression, improving her technique, having a great time with her friends, while always displaying her infamous and infectious smile.

This scholarship is designed to recognize an aspiring dancer that shares that same love and passion for dance and the commitment to growing their abilities, that Ivy had. The recipient of the scholarship will help ensure that Ivy’s presence continues to be felt by many and never forgotten. The ideal candidate for the scholarship would meet the following qualifications:

• Enrolled student of Spotlight Dance Academy
• Passion for dance
• Commitment to improving their technique and abilities through hard work and practice
• Positive attitude
• Contributes to creating a positive environment at the dance studio
• Sets a positive example and viewed as a role model among peers

Dancers interested in applying for the Ivy Maxwell Dance Scholarship, please submit a brief essay describing the characteristics and qualities they possess that make them the best candidate to represent and honor Ivy’s life. We would also like to know more about your own personal passions (related or unrelated to dance, etc..), and a goal you plan to set for yourself to improve your dance abilities (ex. ballet technique, flexibility, turns, pointe). Lastly, we are requesting that all candidates make a pledge to participate in a fundraising activity (ex. bake sale, selling old costumes, lemonade stand, etc..) that the proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund. The fundraising can either be something the candidate accomplishes individually and/or the candidate committing to having an active role in planning/organizing a fundraising event sponsored by the studio.

Scholarship Essays are due in the Spring of each year at a date TBA.  

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